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The Eastern Connecticut Forest Landowners Association (ECFLA)/Wolf Den Land Trust (WDLT) is a nonprofit 501-(c)(3) organization.
Our ADDRESS is PO Box 404, Brooklyn CT 06234. Contact Us.


Our mission is to:

  • promote the wise management of forest lands as a natural resource.
  • provide an ongoing source of any and all information that members may need to make informed decisions concerning their forest land.
  • work to make continuous professional forestry assistance more accessible to the small forest landowner.
  • work to make the ownership of forest land more attractive as an investment.
  • improve communications among landowners, foresters, mill owners, timber harvesters and other members of the forest products industry.
  • protect open space and professionally manage demonstration forests through WDLT.

The ECFLA/WDLT is really two organizations in one:

  1. Since 1978, ECFLA has been providing member forest landowners with the information and assistance to become informed and responsible stewards of the land. Although originally formed to help Windham County landowners, ECFLA has expanded its role to cover all of Connecticut and adjacent areas in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. About 10% of our members live outside of Connecticut. (See a historical perspective: ECFLA: 25 Years Young by S. Broderick)
  2. Wolf Den Land Trust was founded in 1984 to provide “demonstration forests” that employ stewardship practices that protect both forest and wildlife habitat. We currently hold 17 parcels totaling more than 885 acres. All are actively managed by professional foresters and are open to the public for passive recreation. To learn more about the Wolf Den Land Trust, click here.

We are an organization run by forest owners, for forest owners! We are not trying sell anything but the concept of being a good steward of your land. ECFLA/Wolf Den Land Trust represents nearly 300 forest owners and their families who actively manage approximately 20,000 acres of woodlands and associated ponds, streams and wetlands. Nearly 10% of our current membership lives outside of Connecticut but has found a connection with who we are and what we do.

We publish an annual directory of local resources for woodland owners and host field programs. We also provide members with a quarterly newsletter with informative articles for both the forestry novice and the seasoned professional. The newsletter provides a great deal of information to our readers who represent a diverse audience.

ECFLA/WDLT also holds an annual Forestry Fair and other educational programs that we sponsor or co-sponsor with other organizations. We try to schedule at least one field event annually where we walk a property that has just completed a forestry related practice such as logging, habitat improvement, woods road construction/drainage, etc. Forestry, wildlife and other natural resource professionals who donate their time to support our organization typically lead these tours.


  • Provide valuable information about silviculture
  • Provide contacts with people who have expertise in the area about which you are trying to learn
  • Provide opportunities to get out in the woods to see good, and possibly not so good, forest practices
  • Introduce you to people who have similar interests
  • Provide you with important education that you may use in your community to influence land use for future generations, i.e. work on the wetlands commission, or participation with the zoning board to effect planned growth.
  • The majority of Newsletter articles are useful to private landowners regardless of where they live. The goal of this website is to reinforce our mission of providing educational material to members and non-members alike. It contains the following information:

    • New
      s: News of interest to woodlot owners. If you haven’t visited this site lately, check here first for updates.
    • Events: Upcoming events, including those sponsored by ECFLA/WDLT
    • JOIN or DONATE online or via a membership application
    • Forest Stewardship Plans: what they are, typical contents, and a sample plan
    • Links: to useful sources of information
    • Membership information: benefits, dues, eligibility, application
    • Articles from past newsletters
    • Publications of interest to foresters
    • Wolf Den Land Trust: details on the 450+ of demonstration forests and protected open space
    • Robert V. Smith Memorial Fund
    • Tree Series: articles on a variety of tree species by David Schroeder
    • Contact us: our mailing address and Board of Directors’ names

We invite you to consider joining ECFLA/WDLT after you have checked out our website and get a sense of who we are. If you would like to join, click here.