– by Dennis Hodgin

DEP Enforcement handles all All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)/Trail Bike problems in Connecticut – regardless of whether on town or State roads, State Forest, or private land (unless they have & carry written landowner permission).

Here is the reporting procedure:

Immediately call DEP Dispatch Center: 1(860) 424-3333. It is manned 24/7, so you typically talk to a real person.
Give the location and a brief description of every occurrence as follows:
“3 ATVs on Diamond Ledge Road in Stafford at 3 PM.” Additional information is good but always not necessary.
You may be asked for your name and telephone number so a local DEP officer can contact you for additional information. Your name will not be given to the perpetrators.
It is very important to report all occurrences since the DEP logs all the reports into their system. It gives the DEP an idea of how great the problem is in your area and if severe they could conduct a large scale “sweep” in the future. It also gives the problem the visibility it deserves.
Do not try to deal with the problem yourself as ATV riders have shown an inclination to avoid apprehension and have even run down and injured people trying to stop them. Remember they are knowingly breaking the law and are criminals.
Note: “NO ATV” signs can be ordered from Voss Signs

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