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Bad Bittersweet


- by Bet Zimmerman and Jim Reck, Woodstock Conservation Commission Drive along East Quasset Road in Woodstock CT, or canoe the Quinebaug, and you will see a woody vine smothering and strangling many tall trees. It is probably Asiatic ...

ATV or Trail Bike Problems


- by Dennis Hodgin DEP Enforcement handles all All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)/Trail Bike problems in Connecticut – regardless of whether on town or State roads, State Forest, or private land (unless they have & carry written landowner permission). Here is ...

Black Tupelo

2020-01-20T13:07:29-05:00Tree Species|

by David Schroeder Black tupelo (Nyssa sylvatica), also known as blackgum, sourgum or pepperidge, is one of the least known trees in Connecticut's forests probably because there are not a lot of them and they often grow in seldom ...

Bringing Bluebirds Back


- By Bet Zimmerman Until fairly recently, bluebirds were uncommon in Connecticut. From 1900-1970, bluebird populations decreased by an estimated 90%, mainly due to loss of habitat (open space and snags), pesticide use, and competition for nesting sites from non-native ...


2020-01-15T16:31:02-05:00Tree Species|

- by David Schroeder Boxelder (Acer negundo), sometimes called ash-leafed maple, is the weed tree of the maple family. Even though boxelder is the most widely distributed maple in the United States, it is seldom recognized as a maple because ...

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