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The ECFLA & WDLT Mission

The misson of the Eastern Connecticut Forest Landowners Association (ECFLA) & the Wolf Den Land Trust (WDLT) is to:

  • Promote wise management of forest lands
  • Provide information to help members make informed decisions
  • Offer professional forestry assistance to the small forest landowner
  • Make forest ownership more attractive as an investment
  • Improve communications among landowners, foresters, mill owners, timber harvesters
  • Protect open space and professionally manage demonstration forests through the Wolf Den Land Trust.
  • Learn more….
Acres Managed



Benefits of membership include:

  • E-News – Subscribe now for updates on programs, problems in our area, etc.
  • Quarterly newsletters filled with practical, informative articles
  • Educational meetings and programs
  • An annual Forestry Fair
  • Equipment to loan: a planting bar and planting shovel for members planting large quantities of forest seedling stock
  • Support from natural resource professionals to teach our members about land stewardship



What the WDLT does and how we help:

  • We hold title or conservation easements to woodlands in order to protect them as forest lands and to serve as demonstration woodlands.
  • We manage 17 properties totaling more than 882 acres in northeastern Connecticut.
  • Many of our managed properties have a trail system and are open to the public for passive recreation.
  • Check out the list of properties and view maps
  • Contact us today if you are interested in conserving YOUR land!


Ten Reasons to Protect Open Space, Forest and Farmland

- by Bet Zimmerman, Woodstock , CT Experts indicate that if we don't take significant steps in the next decade to preserve open space and farmland in Connecticut , it may be too late. We may assume that everybody understands why preservation is important, but ...

Forest Stewardship Plans: What and Why

- by Steve Broderick, University of CT Cooperative Extension System A forest stewardship plan is a working guide for the landowner who wants to maximize the benefits he/she receives from owning a piece of forestland. Properly done, it combines the natural characteristics of the forest ...

A Forest Divided

- by Bet Zimmerman and Paul Wilbur Forest fragmentation poses a serious and growing threat to the ability of forests to support wildlife, clean air and water, provide recreational opportunities, and function as a sustainable and economically viable source of wood products. From 1994 to ...

Do Good, Feel Good

- by E. A. Zimmerman how an average adult spends their time.Everyone has 24 hours in their day, with some control over how they spend their time. On average, an adult probably spends more than 3-4 hours a day watching TV or surfing the ...

Bad Bittersweet

- by Bet Zimmerman and Jim Reck, Woodstock Conservation Commission Drive along East Quasset Road in Woodstock CT, or canoe the Quinebaug, and you will see a woody vine smothering and strangling many tall trees. It is probably Asiatic or Oriental bittersweet (Celastrus orbiculatus ...

Connecticut’s Worst Invasive Species – ATVs

- by Dennis Hodgin Most ECFLA/WDLT members have known first hand about the “ATV Problem” on private and public land for years but now it is official. Of course it only took 5 years for our public officials to acknowledge it! A recent report aptly ...

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