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The ECFLA & WDLT Mission

The misson of the Eastern Connecticut Forest Landowners Association (ECFLA) & the Wolf Den Land Trust (WDLT) is to:

  • Promote wise management of forest lands
  • Provide information to help members make informed decisions
  • Offer professional forestry assistance to the small forest landowner
  • Make forest ownership more attractive as an investment
  • Improve communications among landowners, foresters, mill owners, timber harvesters
  • Protect open space and professionally manage demonstration forests through the Wolf Den Land Trust.
  • Learn more….
Acres Managed



Benefits of membership include:

  • E-News – Subscribe now for updates on programs, problems in our area, etc.
  • Quarterly newsletters filled with practical, informative articles
  • Educational meetings and programs
  • An annual Forestry Fair
  • Equipment to loan: a planting bar and planting shovel for members planting large quantities of forest seedling stock
  • Support from natural resource professionals to teach our members about land stewardship



What the WDLT does and how we help:

  • We hold title or conservation easements to woodlands in order to protect them as forest lands and to serve as demonstration woodlands.
  • We manage 17 properties totaling more than 882 acres in northeastern Connecticut.
  • Many of our managed properties have a trail system and are open to the public for passive recreation.
  • Check out the list of properties and view maps
  • Contact us today if you are interested in conserving YOUR land!


Mapping Your Forest

Do it yourself tool from ATF can be a great start Maps are a basic and essential tool for anyone who owns or cares for a parcel of woodland. A good map starts with the property boundaries (see Knowing Your Boundaries) and then adds ...

The Fisher (Martes pennanti)

The fisher, other common names for which are fisher cat, black cat, and pekan, prefers a habitat of large tracts of coniferous or mixed forest. Consequently, the expansion of farming and the heavy logging in Connecticut through the 1800s saw a precipitous decline in ...

Hobblebush (Virburnum lantanoides)

- by Dave Schroeder Hobblebush (Viburnum lantanoides) (V. Alnifolium) , also known as the witch hobble and triptoe, is one of our more showy native shrubs. It is most often found growing in the cool, moist environment of a ravine community. The common name, hobblebush, ...

The First 25 Years of ECFLA

ECFLA: TWENTY FIVE YEARS YOUNG 1979-2004 By Steve Broderick, Extension Forester The year was 1978. The second OPEC oil embargo in five years had people waiting in long lines at the gas pumps, and paying record prices when they finally got there. Governor Ella Grasso ...

Starting the Land Protection Process

STARTING THE LAND PROTECTION PROCESS: A Few Baby Steps for Forest (and Farm) Owners - by Steve Broderick As Connecticut’s Extension Forester, it’s been my privilege to meet many hundreds of forest landowners. Over time, many of them have come to love their land, and ...

Letter to Editor – Wolf

LETTER TO THE EDITOR REGARDING J. WOLF'S ARTICLE October 2, 2003 Dear Susan, I read with interest the article written by Jasmine Wolf in the last ECFLA Newsletter. I am very disappointed with the job the Ms. Wolf did of portraying the work of Industrial ...

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